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Ways Of Passing A Lie Detector Test A lie finder is normally used for cross examination purposes by the law authorities for various reasons. It doesn’t recognize lies as many people would think; it just measures different stressors that are for the most part in type of charts. The lie identifier depends on a person’s stress levels to decide whether he is lying or not. However, there are methods of fooling the detector such that it will not be any need to the ones who use it. One of the main ways of passing a lie detector test using the countermeasure strategy; this method causes results shown by the detector to be inaccurate. Here are some of the methods that can be used to make the results of the lie detector undependable. The first method is that you can refuse to have the lie detector test administered to you. This might not be the best way, but it is also an option, because it is not illegal to have a test given to you. Also, the lie detectors are not100% precise, there have been situations where it has given temperamental outcomes. The second and a more reliable method is knowing the questions to be asked beforehand. Once you have the questions pre-programmed in your memory, hearing some of the questions or words will not indicate a spike on the graph. This makes you relaxed hence the detector is unable to tell lies from the truth. The other method is “Test Day”. You should be ready enough before going for the test, and you are required to know about the detector. Look for things to occupy your mind as you take the test as this will show a lot of activities which will make it hard for those observing to identify lies.
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Modification of the mindset is the other method. This is preparing the mind to learn and acknowledge what you say as reality. When you do this, the brain complies with what you speak as the reality thus the stressors are not triggered when you speak. You are also supposed to speak a lot, give short simple and precise answers, and avoid unnecessary banter.
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The other method is depicting utmost seriousness and firmness while replying to questions, it makes the polygraph useless. You ought to likewise inhale ordinarily and effectively which gives relentless outcomes on the diagram. Getting your mind to be excited about a thing also alters the results given by the polygraph. Also, there is pain therapy where responses to pain spikes the graph, and it cannot distinguish between pain and lies. You can also cause pain by coughing or pretending to be ill, this makes the graph to spike.