4 Marketing Tips for First-Time Trade Show Attendees

Trade shows are a good way for brands to reach out to their target markets and gain new leads. Many companies spend a significant amount of time planning for trade shows by designing booths, choosing giveaway items, and creating compelling signage. However, the pre-show period is largely ignored. Readers can click here for several tips on how businesses can establish interest and get attendees’ attention.

Know the Audience

This might sound like a cliche, but many companies take a blanket approach to product promotion. While this method may get more people to stop by the booth, it won’t result in the high-quality, targeted leads the team needs. Planners should take the time to learn about the show and the people who will attend it before they reach out to a target audience.

Use Social Media

Social media sites are a good way to connect with potential customers, but only if the company stays relevant to those who follow its accounts. It’s also important to follow the trade show’s accounts and to comment, share, and like the content they create. One never knows when their content will be shared or retweeted—which can expose companies to a larger audience and increase their reach.

Get a Listing in the Trade Show Directory

Many trade show attendees use the directory to create lists of the booths they want to visit. Therefore, it’s important for exhibitors to ensure their contact information is properly listed in the directory. Start by creating a description of the brand, the services and products provided, and what sets the brand apart from its competitors. Wrap it up by telling potential visitors what will happen at the booth during the show.

Invest in Digital and Print Ads

Potential customers who go to trade shows may invest time in industry websites and journals, so it won’t hurt to put some ads into these publications. Be sure the ads include images of the company’s services and products as well as updated contact information.

Exhibiting at a trade show can be exciting, but it may be difficult for first-time exhibitors. By following these tips, a company can generate interest and build brand recognition with a trade show booth.