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What to Ask Your Toronto Based Custom Home Builder Building a home from scratch is no simple matter, there are a lot of factors that go into the process and you will require the expertise of a customer home builder. Finding a custom home builder may not be as easy as you initially thought since, not because they’re not good enough but because not everyone can fit your specific requirements. What Exactly Do You Do? At first glance, you might raise an eyebrow at the simplicity of this question but it’s a fairly important one. Some custom home builders actually specialise in the exterior area of a home or the framework itself while others would focus on interior renovations. A list of potential custom home builder may get longer than you initially thought, an efficient way to shorten the list is to find out what kind of job you want done to your home and who exactly can provide it.
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Custom home builders will likely have portfolios that they can show potential customers; these portfolios typically contain photos off all the recent projects as well as the ones that they’re quite proud of. Ask for samples, specifically the ones that are similar to what you want done. If you want an entire house designed then ask them for samples of their floor plans and a comparison between initial designs and photos of the actual result. But if you just one a specific area of a house remodelled, ask for a remodelling portfolio from the custom home builder. Which Customer can I Freely Ask About the Quality of Your Work? Some of the most honest reviews and comments come from testimonials and referrals; these typically come from past clients. No matter how much custom home builders claim that they are the best in their respective field, it’s can only be proven with the sheer number of satisfied customers. Don’t go for custom home builders that are unable to offer customer referrals; this is a red flag, it’s highly likely they didn’t do a good a job like they promised. How Much is Insured? Your potential custom home builder should have more than enough insurance to cover any and all possible damages during the work process. For your safety as a client, ask a copy of the policy; it’s not like you don’t trust them, but this is a great way to make sure that the policy covers the entire job you’re having done. Do take note that the amount will vary and heavily depend on the kind of project you hired them for. For example, renovating one room will not have an insurance amount equal to that if the entire house was rebuilt.