How Keith Magness Manages Car Accident Cases

In Louisiana, victims of car accidents could sustain a variety of injuries. These injuries could equate to minor abrasions and bruises. However, in more extensive wrecks, the victim could sustain life-threatening or life-altering injuries. It is these more serious injuries that could prevent them from returning to work or, in the direst cases, cause a family to lose a loved one. The following is information about how a car accident claim is managed by a local attorney.

Reviewing the Car Accident Report

The car accident report provides certain details about the accident. It includes all parties that were involved. It details how the accident occurred and what parties were at fault. The report defines which drivers had auto insurance coverage and which were non-compliant. The attorney reviews these details and defines how to proceed with the accident claim.

Addressing Comparative Fault

Comparative fault is used when a victim is also at fault for the accident. This ruling defines whether or not the victim was at fault equally or at a lower percent. If the percentage applied to a moving violation equates to more than 50%, the victim won’t receive any compensation through a legal claim.

Were Criminal Charges Applied to the Accident?

In a car accident, it is urgent to define whether an at-fault driver was guilty of a crime. The primary crime applied in these cases is a DUI. If the at-fault driver was drunk, further charges could apply based on the victim’s injuries.

How is Compensation Calculated?

Compensation is calculated according to the victim’s losses. First, the victim’s medical expenses are applied. All auto repair costs are added. If the victim lost wages due to their injuries, these wages are also added. Any victim that sustained more serious injuries will receive higher settlements based on their medical requirements and the lasting effects of their injuries.

In Louisiana, victims of auto accidents have the right to file a claim to acquire compensation. These claims help them to settle any losses incurred during the accident. This includes medical costs associated with their specific injuries. Victims of these accidents can contact Keith Magness for more information today.