Outplacement Understanding

Outplacement Understanding

Outplacement is an attempt by the organization to help employees who are laid off to look for a new position and adjust to their new status. (Cause of dismissal: reduction of fault and the employees have been working a long time in the company).

The shape of this program in the form of counseling placement out is a process to learn more about help employees who are laid off lose the crisis facing working with the recovery of self-esteem and positive work placement.

Activities of outplacement are either:
Career counseling
Psychological counseling
Job search assistance

Termination of Temporary / laying off employees is the management to get rid of employees from their positions but will raise them again when conditions improved an organization.
This alternative is selected organizations for economic reasons eg erroneous business decisions, poorly designed products, weak marketing, or unanticipated decline in the market which are beyond the control of the company.

Psychologically for employees who are laid off may become worse impact than the dismissal. Because they do not know for sure when they will be pulled back to work.

The transfer is a transfer of employees from one job to another position that salary, responsibilities and organizational levels are relatively similar. If the sale is about the movement upwards then transfer the horizontal movement from one job to other.Transfer an opportunity to develop within the framework of self-actualization.

Causes and reasons Transfer:

Own request
The movement in the request itself is a mutation that carried on their own from the relevant employees’ and approved by the organization’s leaders. Mutations request itself is usually only the transfer of positions with equal ranks well, between departments or moved to another place.

Rather productive tasks
Rather productive tasks is a mutation because the will of the leadership the company to increase production by putting employees’ concerned to the office or his work that suits her skills.