Redecorating without Spending a Fortune

Changing the look of a room does not have to cost homeowners a lot of money. There are many ways to alter the feel and appearance of a room quickly and cost-effectively. Switching out lamp shades, for example, is simple and effective. Floral patterns can get outdated fast, so get solid color shades that complement the other components in the room. A darker color than the carpeting will draw the eyes of guest up to the furniture. A light color will make the lamp blend in and allow the furniture to be the focal point.

Taking down the curtains and replacing them with some that are completely different can make a room seem bigger and brighter. Add a colorful throw rug on hardwood floors for a warm and welcoming feel. If the room has not been changed in a significant period of time, consider taking out one piece of furniture and adding one that is unique. A coffee table from a high-end design house, a hutch that cannot be found at a big chain store, or a chair with a bold look can make the whole room seem brand new. Changing the focal point will only take one new piece. Spending the money to get one innovative piece of furniture is less expensive than replacing all the furniture in the room, and it has the same stunning effect.

Altering the lighting fixture is another way to redecorate in one step. If the room has a flush mount dome, replace it with a creative pendant light, or a chandelier. A hanging light brightens the room, makes is look bigger, and highlights what is hanging on the walls. The panoramic photograph from the last family vacation will seem like a masterpiece with the proper light. Unique lighting that blends traditional styles will the latest design elements will enhance everything in that one room. Go online to find out more about how lighting effects home decor. Place slip covers on the chairs and the couch in a living room to either mute the look, or take it up a few notches. Add an ottoman to the den, build a window seat against that bay window in the front room, or place shelving to the entryway to display favorite items. Small changes can make a significant difference in a room.