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What Is the PEMF Device And What are the Different Features The human body works through electrical energy. The energy is generated by the body itself and from external sources. The earth is able to generate its electromagnetic energy. The human body also has its own way of producing the same type of energy. This energy is vital for the functioning of the cells and parts of the cells. Falling ill can be seen as a weakness in the body cells. The cells can be said to be in low power. The cells need to be recharged so that they can resume their roles. The pulsated electromagnetic field devices are used to provide this power to the body cells. The energy has been very vital in treatment of chronic pain. It is a natural healing method since it recharges the cells makes them strong and therefore heals. The kind of treatment has been practiced in Europe for forty years and is approved by FDA as safe and effective. Most people are able to experience an instant relief from chronic pain. To easily see how the PEMF devices function, visualize a phone battery that has gone low in power. When you connect the same to the charger, it is boosted and can, therefore, serve you. The PEMF device will work just like a charger to your cells. It recharges the cells that are in low power. Even if the healthy cells are also recharged, you may not realize the differences for healthy cells. The treatment applies to different conditions such as cancer, depression, and arthritis. Each manufacturer has its own model of device meaning that the PEMF devices have differences. When you go searching for them, you know the differences in the PEMF devices. The power level of the PEMF device is one of the critical differences. The power level can be as low as the earth’s electromagnetic field to 10,000 times of the same. In most cases low power devices are used for bone healing and cellular health. The high power machines, on the other hand, are used for recovery from sports injuries, accidents, surgery and improvement of degenerative diseases. The high power devices are more effective in pain relief. The continuous waveform or the pulsed waveform is another difference in the PEMF machines. The high power devices are mostly pulsated waveforms while the low power devices have the continuous waveform. The shape of the waveform is worth difference too. For a continuous waveform, the shape can be square, sine, saw tooth or custom waveform. The pulsated output devices make short biphasic duration pulse. The pulse rate of the lower device is often preset by the manufacturer while the high power devices have a user variable control of pulse rate.

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