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Tips on Handling Bulk Mails

Franking machines provides an easy way of dealing with a bulk of business mails. You have an opportunity to include company details beside the stamps. Franking machines are essential where there is the regular correspondence of bulk letters.

You can liaise with your clients’ quite effectively. The machines are customized to a specific user. They speed and the weight of the machines is different.

There is a contractual agreement between the machine providers and the postal firm. Their system is connected to the customer through the phone line. It is mandatory to have your account having sufficient cash so that you use franking machines for any work. There is seamless communication between the service provider and financial institution and the mailing services firm through a common server. If there is money the service can continue but if there is no money deposited then services are discontinued.

You cannot operate the franking machine without a license from the service provider. You must set the equipment within the right measurements before you start operations.

One of the benefits of the franking machine is that you can buy stamps online rather than queuing to collect stamps. There is no period you can access these services as the service is online throughout.

The letters can be sent at a lower cost. The mails sent using this method are usually discounted. This is a way of encouraging people to use this service. This incentives are good as they help the firm to cut costs of mailing.

This method of sending mails helps you to cast an image of a serious firm to your customers. The franking machine allows you to inscribe information about your firm on the envelope. It provides an opportunity for you to do free advertising as you are allowed to put a text which you can be advertising your company or products.

The franking machine can tell the exact price of each mail. This is also effective in preventing under stamping which attracts a fine from the postal firms.

In case the stamps have run out it can prove very difficult for you to run to the post office to buy them.

You have an easy time when making income tax returns. You can be able to have a record of mailing cost that the company has incurred throughout the financial year. You can be refunded the expenses taxed as mailing costs are tax deductible. You can effectively control the cost incurred on mailing as the company can track all the expenses.

You can utilize the services of the machine whether you operate large scale or small scale.

Due to the machine ‘ ability to stamp many mails within a short time the mailing process is done with ease, and thus the mails reach their recipient on time.

Get a franking machine and make your mailing work easier and convenient.

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